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Dean Olson at Grand CanyonPainting is a something fun to do. I discovered it’s fun and I eked out a few decent paintings.  I paint to see if I can make something different on canvas. Many weeks, I head to Georgetown to paint in a large studio. It is totally different than going to the gym, going to work and it’s a way to get away from the usual work things.

These days, I paint to reduce stress too. But mostly, I want to explore how I can make transparency with oil and create a scene. In the Northwest, colors are really important: hence I use a lot of red, orange, yellow and blue. I hope folks enjoy the paintings.

Most of the paintings are at home or at the Northwest Elder Law office in North Seattle. Folks can see the paintings by appointment. Please fill out my contact form and I will set up a time for you.

Today, I live and work in Tacoma but I can head up on a weekend or the folks at Northwest Elder Law Group can show the paintings too.

Thank you!

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